Which resolution should you choose?


We offer scanning in two resolutions: 300 dpi (dots per inch) or 600 dpi.


300 dpi is a high quality standard resolution that can be used for most applications. It can be used for computer viewing, making slide shows, printing documents, posting documents online, and emailing. This resolution produces 250-500 kb files for each item with pixel size about 1800x1200.


600 dpi resoluted may be needed when you are editing or cropping and need higher resolution. 

This resolution produces 750kb-1.25MB files with a pixel size of about 3600x2400.

Trust us to take care of your important documents


Whether you need your legal documents scanned to digital or you want to preserve cherished letters from loved ones, we can create digital copies that can be safely stored so your documents will never be lost. Once you have digital copies, you can share them with family, access them from any computer, and make copies to store in a safe location.


The more pages you give us, the lower the price per scan. Delicate papers or pages that are bound together require special attention and will cost a little more. See our price chart here


Pick up and delivery just $25 in the Qualicum Beach and Courtenay area.

A Creative & Professional Mix

Our shop is equipped to handle almost any print design or publishing project as our staff is truly a talented bunch. From creating logos and printing business cards to doing limited runs of a bound novel, we have the creative eye, the steady hand, and professional mindset that you are looking for.

You can choose CD, DVD or flash drive to store your documents


After your documents have been scanned, we store your digital copies in one of 3 ways:


  • CD-R or DVD-R (free): Ideal for storing digital images. They are one-time record discs to ensure your documents will not be erased. Discs have a crystal coating to protect them from scratching during everyday handling. 

  • Archival-grade CD-R or DVD-R ($5): These discs will last for 100 years when properly stored. They have a silver layer for compatablility with all drives and recorders, plus a gold layer which prevents oxygen from corroding the silver layer.

  • Flash drive ($10)

WE SCAN Your documents to digital

How much does it cost?


Your custom order price will depend on which options you choose:


  • 300 dpi or 600 dpi

  • single sided or double sided scanning

  • loose documents in good condition, bound documents, or delicate items that require extra care

  • digital storage on photo disc, archival disc, or flash drive


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Give us a call at 778-386-6034 or email info@pix-scan.ca

We can arrange to pick up your documents or you can drop them off at our Vancouver location.


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